Our Auction Process

We recognize that each client and their collections are unique. Therefore, we've crafted a strategic and successful process to ensure a seamless auction experience tailored to individual needs.


Initial Consultation and Planning:

We begin by discussing each client's collection and their objectives for the auction. We then discuss preferences, timelines, and any special considerations to create a customized plan that meets the client's goals. During this initial discussion, we will recommend whether a live or online auction will better serve the client’s needs.

Site Visit and Cataloging:

Our team conducts a thorough site visit to assess the items for auction. Each item is cataloged with a detailed descriptions and high-quality photographs.

Advertising and Promotion:

Leveraging our extensive network and marketing expertise, we design targeted advertising campaigns to reach potential buyers. We utilize both traditional and digital channels to maximize exposure and generate interest in the auction. Special emphasis is placed on highlighting unique and/or valuable pieces. Our extensive print and email list developed over 25 years as well as expert targeted social media marketing gets proven results our sellers. 


Prior to the auction, we organize preview events where interested buyers can inspect the items firsthand. Our staff is available to answer questions and provide additional information to potential bidders. These previews offer an opportunity for buyers to make informed decisions and build excitement for the auction.

Auction Day:

On the designated auction day bidders can participate in person or remotely through our online bidding platform depending on the sale. We create a dynamic atmosphere that encourages competitive bidding while ensuring fairness and transparency.

Pickup and Post-Auction Support:

After the auction concludes, successful bidders are provided with convenient pickup options for their purchases. Our team assists with logistics to ensure a smooth and efficient process. We remain available to address any post-auction inquiries or concerns, maintaining a high level of client satisfaction.

Throughout each step of the process, we prioritize communication, integrity, and personalized service, ensuring that our clients receive the attention and support they deserve.

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